Tips for Instagram Marketing for a Car Dealership

Tips for Instagram Marketing for a Car Dealership

Marketing helps get products and brands seen by more people. The more the people that are aware of the products that you are dealing with, the more customers your business will have. Today, it is common knowledge that social media marketing is the best option for all brands. No matter the products that you are dealing with, if you want to reach more customers, your business should have an online presence. Online presence does not always mean a website. Your business needs to have an account in all the leading social media platforms. 

One of the best social media platforms that will give your business leads is Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Dynamic Ads and Facebook Lead Ads can give you enormous leads from Facebook. There are more than 95 million images and videos shared daily on Instagram. That makes it one of the best places to market different products. 

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to get your brand and products to be seen by more people. Remember, the more people are aware of the products that you are dealing with, the better the business. One of the first few things to do after opening an Instagram account for your business is to start growing your followers’ list. The more followers you will have, the more people you will be able to reach. There are many ways that you can use to grow your Instagram account, including getting free Instagram followers from ProjectInsta. Once you get a good Instagram following, you can now start using the following business tips to attract as many customers as possible to the doors of your car dealership. 

1. #Hashtag

Instagram posts that have hashtags get 12 percent more user engagements than those that don’t include them. Apart from that, Instagram hashtags also help boost content optimization and discovery. In other words, using hashtags in your Instagram posts will help them reach many people. 

Instagram hashtags are very useful, but you have to be careful when using them. Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags to your post, but you don’t have to use all of the available slots. If you are looking to attract, engage, and get shares, you should not use more than nine hashtags. 

Apart from making sure that you are not using too many hashtags, you also have to make sure that all the hashtags that you are using are relevant. You should never use a hashtag that is not relevant to the photo or video that you are sharing. You can use Hashtagfy to see whether the hashtag you are using is relevant or not. Some of the best hashtags to use as a car dealer include:

  • #car
  • #carforsale
  • #carsales
  • #autosales
  • #cardealer
  • #usedcars
  • #cardealership

You can also create your own branded hashtag. A good example is one Mercedez uses (#mbfanphoto). All that you have to make sure is that all the hashtags in your post are relevant. You better not use hashtags than using those that are irrelevant to your niche. 

2. Connect to prospects

Using a branded hashtag in your posts is one way of connecting to your prospects. You have to think about what to do when a new customer sends you a message or inquiry. Keeping your conversation with the customer open in the public eye can help build interest, but a private chat with a constantly engaging prospect can help secure a sale. You should also make sure that you are not sending copy pasted content to your customers. Sending out personal replies to their inquiries will make them feel connected to your company.

3. Use Ads

Instagram users are always scrolling and won’t stop until they spot something cool or interesting. You have to make sure that your Ad is cool enough to attract the attention of Instagrammers. Before publishing, you also have to test the Ad placement for both costs and return. 

4. Don’t use stock photos

When using Instagram to market your cars, you have to make sure that all the images that you post are aesthetically pleasing and interesting. Instead of using images from the internet, you should use photos of your stock. All that you need is to make sure that your photos are incredible and attractive. You can also consider hiring a professional photographer. You can also ask your customers to pose for a photo that you will post on your Instagram while they are in your auto shop. 

5. Go live

Instagram notifies all your followers when you go live. You can go live to show your followers the cars that you have in your store. You can also show them some of the unique features your cars have. Be careful when going live on Instagram. You don’t have to market directly when you are streaming as this can discourage some of your followers. Apart from that, before going live, you also have to determine which day and time of the day is best for you to go Live on Instagram. 


Best Trucks for Performance and Off-Road Racing

Best Trucks for Performance and Off-Road Racing


Driving on a bumpy and muddy road can be a nightmare for some. But for some this bumpy ride is good enough. In fact, for the adventurers known as off-roaders, driving on no road is the best experience.

Off-roading is often described as rugged and in the wild adventure which involves driving the truck on unpaved surfaces. It is navigating the vehicle on dirt, mountainsides or desert trails. There are different terrains to drive through depending on the location. It could range from sand, gravel, snow, mud, grassland, riverbeds or any natural unpaved terrain. Some drivers enjoy the natural scenery while others love the technical challenge in moving up the unpaved surface. Off-roading can be a great pastime for depending on the type of off-roader you are.

There are variants of off-roading which include dune-bashing as it is common in the Middle Eastern countries. Other types are cross-country, rally raid, green laning or rumbling rock trials.

Off-roading is not everyone’s game but it is a specialized art. It is done in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) which can be two-wheel or four-wheel drive. Though you can drive through the terrain in every car, it is better to ride SUVs, trucks or ATVs to handle the unpredictable bumps and hurdles. If you are taking it up as your hobby, then your compact car is not the thing to play it out.

Today’s SUVs are meant for driving on all kinds of roads but it is not just safe to drive your car on the unpaved surface. Simply going off-roading is not as simple as it sounds. The challenge can be confusing and dangerous if you are not prepared to face it. There are some basics to be kept in mind while heading into the wilderness.

There are some key systems in the vehicle that is of utmost importance.

Traction Control: Most of the latest 4WD vehicles would have some degree of traction control which could be from simple on/off to a more complex system. Traction helps in preventing the tire from slipping and ensures that the torque is shifted from the tires to the trail. It monitors the wheel spin and ensures that the tires keep on moving forward.

High and Low 4WD: High and low speed refers to the gearing of the transfer case. When in day to day routine, it is better to use high speed whereas, in the difficult terrain, it is good to use low speed.

Locking Differentials: This usually locks the turning of the left and right wheel together. In the case of on-road driving, both the tires turn in one direction with speed variance. Whereas in off-roading the computer monitors the need for more power to the tire and adjusts it accordingly.

There is also a need for a special set of equipment for taking a ride on the muddy and rocky ride. It is always essential to have a good set of tires to match the type of terrain you are going to ride onto. Body suspension plays a key role and getting a cheap kit might save some money but it might put you in danger. Bull bars can be put on the front and rear portion of the car to protect the body from the rocks and trees. The winch is what everyone should carry as a recovery option in the toughest situations. Snatch straps and tow straps are handy equipment for the recovery.

Off-road racing is one of the kinds of motorsports organized on the mud, rocky, snow or desert trails. It includes the trucks and ATVs racing from checkpoints to checkpoints. There are numerous off-road circuits and races which are organized across the world. One of the famous off-road racing is Baja 1000 (now extended to Baja 2000) organized in the deserts of Baja, California.

Forget about the fancy crossovers or luxury SUVs, check out the tough and rough trucks which are capable of riding you through the wilderness. Some of the best brands of the off-roading truck are Ford, Chevrolet, Jeep, etc.


Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

It is based on the standard Colorado with 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires which makes it much bolder and tough. It has steel bumpers and underbody skid plates. With Multimac DSSV shock technology, it makes it easy to go through the rocks and desert terrain. It is one of the few vehicles with both front and back locking differentials.


Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator

It is one of the fancy pick-up trucks with four doors and is the longest Wrangler. Wranglers are not known for towing but it is capable of towing a lot of weight. It comes with 3.6 liter V-6 and six-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission.


Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor

One of the highlighting features of the truck is the jump mode. Whenever the tires are off the road and in the air, automatic compression damping starts which prevents the vehicle from cranking as soon as it touches the ground. There is an additional ‘trail-control’ which is kind of a cruise for off-roading. You can focus on the steering while the vehicle moves at a constant speed. It comes with 450hp twin turbo V-6 feeding power.

For the adventurer in you and the adrenaline rush junkies, it is a great pastime with perfect knowledge of the sports. Off-roading is a mature hobby which can be fun and dangerous at the same time.